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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kitchen remodel

So, we bought our first home together in December of 2008. As soon as the Christmas presents were unwrapped and we celebrated the New Year in our new home, I started working on parts of the house. I started with the guest bathroom on the main floor and it turned out beautifully! (I'll post before and after pictures later.) Then, it was on to the hallway. Once again, a beautiful success! (Again, pictures are coming!) Finally, the kids' bathroom upstairs. (And still, pictures up soon.) Each of the rooms I've done have turned out exactly the way I envisioned them.

Now, I'm not sure who lived here before us or how many families this house has seen, but I think that each "decorator" before us has had an obsession with wallpaper! And all I can say is, CURSE YOU!! In each area, there has been a minimum of two layers of wallpaper! Are you kidding me right now?! Oh no, I would never joke about such a horrid thing! Each time I worked my little fingers to the bone peeling off layer after layer of horrible wallpaper.

This all brings me to the kitchen. I was desperately hoping that the two layers of wallpaper I could tell were there would be it. Oh no, I couldn't be that lucky. There are three, count them three, layers of wallpaper with a layer of paint in between two of them. The only thing I can think while I'm pulling piece by tiny piece of paper/glue off this wall is, "Why couldn't they have done this the correct way each time?" Lazy SOBs!! GEESH!

The best news out of all of this so far is the stuff we found to help with this all. Whoever invented this stuff needs a special treat! It works like a charm! The whole process stinks, but with this handy stuff, it makes it a teeny tiny bit better.

Too bad I'm such an instant gratification kinda girl - the process KILLS me, but it will be so perfect in the end!

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